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Get a Better Google Business Profile
Google Business Profile Setup and Optimization Services

Google Business Profile Setup and Optimization Services

BAM, Helping Real Estate Agents Generate More Calls, Clicks and Leads!

"Over 50% of all Google searches show local search results"

The Top of Local Search goes to the Highest Ranking Google Business Profile

"Better Agent Marketing" offers a set up Services and optimizations to position you for Hyperlocal Growth!

Doing it the Right Way provides Real Estate Agents with a Solid "Found"ation for Local Search!

Better Agent Marketing also offers Ongoing Google Business Profile Management:

Weekly Buyer & Seller Education Posts, Enhanced Property Listing Posts, Adding EXIF / Location Data to Featured Property Post Images, High Search Key #Hashtags. We Focus on High Pay-Off Activities!

Let BAM Help you become the Hyperlocal Authority in your Farm Area Neighborhood!

GOOD (Basic Setup)


Basic Setup "From Scratch"

  • "All Things Google" Gmail for Profile Start
  • GBP Account Setup
  • GBP Profile Creation
  • Profile Verification
  • Profile Upgrades & Optimization
  • Profile Image & Cover Design
  • Your Image & Video Uploads
  • Products, Services & Extras Setup
  • FAQ for GBP Visitors Setup
  • 1 Optimized Property Listing Post (sample)


BETTER (Better Setup)


Better Setup "Scratch or Existing"

  • Everything from "Basic" +
  • Local Competition Audit for "Farm Area"
  • If Existing Profile, Complete Profile Audit
  • Keyword & Search Phrase Research
  • 12 Point Optimization Process
  • Upgraded Profile Image & Cover
  • Profile Post #Hashtag Copy / Paste setup
  • Post Template Setup (Saved to ATG Drive)
  • Image Optimizations
  • 4 Optimized Property Listing Posts (real)



Our BEST Setup "Scratch or Existing"

  • Everything from "BETTER" +
  • Setup or Connect YouTube Account*
  • Setup GBP Messaging for EZ Connect!
  • Upload 4 Property Walk-through Videos
  • Upload (& add EXIF) Office Images
  • Upload (& add EXIF) Farm Area Images
  • Setup "Get Reviews" Email (for Campaign)
  • Setup Review Response Process
  • Setup Performance Monitoring Process
  • Create Keyword Tracking Planner (Sheets)
  • FREE Access to our "Local Genius" Portal

GBP Service Menu:





A Small Difference in Setup Fees, a Huge Difference in Performance & Results!

How does our Google Business Profile Services Work?

A Quick Overview: Our GBP Service is Really 5 Simple Steps...

1. You Tell Us About Your Sales Area or Focus "Farm Areas"

Our Process Starts with You! We help you complete our GBP Google On-Boarding Form and we get everything we need. You will be taken to the Form as soon as you Check Out. If you need help completing the Form, you will Schedule a Short Call. We get all the details and then our Team goes into Action. The sooner we can get it all done and verified, the sooner Google can serve you up in Search.

2. We Perform an Audit of Your Profile (or Get Started With a NEW Verification)

There is a bit of Secret Sauce here, but pretty straightforward. We see where you are and how our Software Ranks the Profile (existing profile) and then we know exactly what we have to do to get you to move up the food chain. We will send you a copy of the Audit Report (if existing profile). We can also send you an audit of your Top 3 Competitors. If you want. I say... "You Want".

3. We Create a Detailed Action Plan for Your Google Business Profile

With an audit complete, or your Profile setup we create a easy to follow strategy to grow your Ranking in your Farm Area. We use a System we created called the "Farm Area Flywheel". It works exceptionally well for Real Estate Agents that have defined, focused Farm Area Neighborhoods. All of our processes are open for all our clients to see. Scour our Resources and you will find the Success Secrets.

4. We Enhance and Optimize Your Google My Business Listing

Once the Profile is up, verified (if new) and we did the "dirty work" for you, we are now ready to get to work. We will give you an easy to follow GBP Maintenance Workflow. It is part of our FREE Local Genius Training that we provide to our clients.

5. Your Profile will begin moving up the Rankings, More  Web Visitors, Calls & Leads

You should start to see better and better results within 30 to 90 days of project completion. If you are self managing your profile, we recommend 1 to 2 hours a week for maintenance.

Ready to Get Started?

Don't Want to Manage and Promote Your Profile Every Month?

Once your Google Business Profile is optimized, it’s time to get to work! Each month you will take care of Awareness Posts, Open House Events, Property Listing Posts, adding EXIF Data to Property Images and Uploading, Creating or Scheduling Buyer & Seller Education Posts, Q&A, promoting and requesting Reviews, checking Spam Reports, Profile Monitoring, and Performance Reporting.

This will make sure that your google business profile continues to get more visibility,

farm area search traffic, calls, and new buyer and seller leads in the door!

Sounds Like a Lot of Work?

More than that, you have to have the Tech Skills & Daily Discipline to make it Happen.

Want us to do the "Dirty Work"? Click the Button below, or Schedule a Call.

Better Agent Marketing "BAM"


We take care of your Google Business Profile!


Per Month / 6 Month Commitment

  • Upload additional images (+ EXIF) and videos
  • Edits, Updates, Events, other
  • Curate Q&A’s
  • Respond to Reviews
  • Monitor your Profile Performance
  • Report spam
  • Monitor "Farm Area 1" Competitor Performance
  • Track & Add Targeted Keywords & Phrases
  • Performance Report & Next Month Response Plan

Frequently asked questions:

Do I have to do ALL 9 Steps or Services at 1 time?

Short answer is NO. We do recommend doing Step 1, 2 and 3 Together if possible. Our Most Popular Service Bundle is Steps 1 through 8. (Support during the Project and Project Pass-Off is included).

We always do the basic setup for Step 9 on the 8 Step. Step 9 is Lead Generation and we are strongly recommending that all agents start Google Local Service Ads to get your Profile (as a Real Estate Agent) "verified". A Back Door way to ensure you are higher in the ranking order.

Are there services that are dependent on other services?

Yes, to some extent. GBP Profiles can stand-alone. It does not make sense to do Step 3. (Hyperlocal Landing Pages) without having a Google Business Profile. And of course a CRM is always recommended, but a GBP and a Lander or Website should be done first.


Some of the dependencies are simple logic, but if you need more information feel free to schedule a call, we will be happy to go over all of this with you. [ Book a Call ]


Is there a Discount if I do ALL Services at one time?

Yes, there is a Significant Discount. Click the Packages and do the math. Or Schedule a Call and we can walk through all of it for you.


Are there Software Subscriptions Required?

AgentFire has a $99 p/m subscription, add $30 to Showcase IDX if you want IDX. We always recommend IDX. It is the essence of a Professional Search Based Agent Website. And then you will have your CRM. Subscriptions vary based on your selection.


ALL Subscriptions are paid directly to the associated platform. We simply have a suite of "Go To" Tools, but the platforms are paid directly. We are your Online Presence Builder, Support Channel, Trainer and Coach. You choose the level of our involvement.


Are all of the Marketing Assets mine after the project is completed?

Short answer, YES. ALL of it. As long as your Project Fees are fully paid, it is your "BABY".


How quickly will I see results?

There is NO Set Answer here. We have had clients get calls, leads and deals (closings) within a matter of days. But that is often "Luck of the Draw". We always suggest patience. As you know the saying... "Patience Pays". But we understand that this is a business transaction and you want results. Your Google Business Profile will gain traction within the first 30 days.

We suggest 60 Days to 6 Months for best traction. But you do have to "Feed the Machine. It is not a Plug and Play, Set it and Forget it System. Just Remember this: Marketing is a VERB. Action is Required.

If you are super anxious to get results going, we recommend starting Google Local Service Ads as soon as our Launch is complete and we (and you and friends & family) have had a chance to vet everything out with a full QA/QC. Then you are Ready to Fly.

Want the Skinny on the Back Door Acceleration Plan? Schedule a Call with us and we will share some interesting tricks to get you out of the Local Search Gate Fast. [ Schedule ]


Do you offer support after the project and ongoing?

Yes, of Course. And if you want ongoing support after your project is launched we have a variety of Flex Support Plans available. Checkout our FlexTime Support Plans Here


Client Testimonials

Brittany Dorenbush Realtor Ocala Florida Coldwell Banker Ellison Realty

"Dave & BAM was referred to me by a colleague who had nothing short of excellent raving reviews.

I was convinced and now I couldn't agree more, his specialized skills and knowledge in marketing made hiring him the obvious choice for me.

Even more unusual, he is passionate about his expertise and invested in my success.."

Brittany Dorenbush Realtor

Ocala Florida

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